We all know that our mothers love us unconditionally and want the best for us. In order to achieve that wish, they set up many rules. Some of them are scientifically supported such as no talking while chewing and swallowing, as it can lead to choking. However, some are based on completely misleading information, such as this one rule about waiting after eating before getting into the water for a swim.


The common myth of ‘a minimally half-an-hour wait after eating before swimming’ is not only advised to children by their parents but it is also being distributed widely in children’s films. For instance, in the movie “Big Hero 6”, a recommendation the healthcare companion robot gives is to not go swimming for one hour after consuming a meal, as demonstrated by the short clip below (Big Hero 6, 2014).

This health misconception of waiting at least 30 minutes after a meal before swimming has been incorrectly explained, received and disseminated by society. As stated by the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Red Cross, there is not a single specific recommendation on the waiting time after a meal before swimming (Chambers, Markenson, Quan & Werniki, 2011; Melissa Conrad Stöppler, 2014).


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