As the misinformation is to be recognised, the way of dissemination must be effective to avoid the cost, energy and time of this project from being wasted. To do this, the use of an online blog was created to correct this misinformation and create awareness. To grab the audience’s attention, a number of possible strategies must be implemented to ensure the target audience is able to gain access to this blog. This can be done by collaborating with the local swimming pool initially and then potentially spreading to larger areas to advertise the blog. Creating awareness involves having a link of the blog on the local swimming pool website and to encourage staff to mention the blog on their local site for the audience to read. Also to have the blog link on brochures and posters that are displayed for the target audience to see before entering the swimming pool section.

For school-aged children, teaching our youngsters is a good medium of delivery because it increases the awareness of school-age youth, and consequently their parents of that piece of misinformation. TV and radio advertisement is also a good means of delivery as it readily passes the information to people of all ages and increases their overall awareness of the medical myth. Lastly, health information package could be accessed via major primary care centres such as GP practice, dental, and physiotherapy clinics.



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