Evaluation of the dissemination process is straight forward as we need to assess certain areas such as:

How many people have viewed this blog?

To do this the amount of times the page has been viewed should appear on the blog

And for those who read this blog and went swimming afterwards, did their swimming improve? Were there less or more drowning incidents after reading this blog?

This can be taken down by doing a survey first of all asking them if they have read the blog and then do an observation on the swimmers’ performance.

As for the posters, record whether they have been paying attention to them on the wall as they walk past it before entering the pools.

The brochures in the centre also has the blog link on it so make sure if people are reading the brochures and are aware of the blog link, have they been able to access the link and read the blog?

To do this, it is a simple thing as to ask questions directly and note them down or have a survey for swimmers to fill out after they’ve finished swimming.

These criteria allow for assessing whether the dissemination process has been successful in creating awareness. By obtaining the public’s feedback, this will show if there needs to be improvements on areas of dissemination.


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