Resources are collected from the internet but selectively filtered and utilized to create a concise health information package.

On the first meeting, our group ended with task allocation to each member. Each member is in charge for his/her part as well as their reference. 2 members work would work on the medical misinformation and evidence based literature, 2 people were in charge of creating EhealthED package, 1 person worked on the dissemination and evaluation, and the last one worked on the target audience, means of delivery, resources and materials.

resources (2)

On the second meeting, members of the group came up with 6 pieces of medical misinformation that have been identified from the research. There are 6 evidence based literature that have been used to support the health information package.

The sources and materials are reliable as they are the academic journals and peer reviewed. Afterwards, our group finalised the outline of the module and developed the blog to introduce the health information package to the broader population.


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